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From idea to realization...

From idea to finished product! – is one of the Art film slogans.
The idea is one of the basic prerequisites for the realization of a good project.
A good idea is 50% success of the whole project.

...all the way to distribution

After the entire work is completed, we adapt the video to the system it is running on and we can deliver it to you on a number of platforms. It can be from YouTube to Cinestar.


Documentary films

We work gladly and very often on documentaries. So far, we have made several shorter and several longer documentary films, on various topics.

Music videos

We record music videos for TV and YouTube.

Talk Shows

We also produce talk shows.

Aerial photography

We have our own aerial filming equipment.

The process of making every video, film, music video, etc…

In order to present you the process and way of working from an idea to realization, we will briefly present the work process.


As we stated above, a good idea is 50% success. That is why we spend a lot of time and energy in this field. As we usually like to harmonize our ideas with the wishes of our clients, at this early stage of preparation, communication with clients is most important. We exchange the most information, then, in order to better understand the essence of the future video.


We perform a complete preproduction for all types of films. From the previously mentioned elaboration of the idea, to writing synopses, screenplays, proofreading, recording books, and if necessary, making storyboards. We search for locations, obtain permits for filming; organize models, actors, extras… We organize scenography, make-up artists, hairdressers…


Art film has its own equipment for filming almost all spectra of video production that exist. We are able to film with 4 cameras on the ground at the same time and take aerial shots with a drone. We have underwater cameras, as well as special equipment such as action cameras. If the requirements are higher than stated and additional equipment is needed, we solve this by renting equipment from third parties. In addition to the above, we also have lighting and microphone systems.


Postproduction is a very creative process. It is equally important and interesting as preproduction. It is editing of the recorded material, special effects, animations and, finally, color grading of the whole project. It is an extremely interesting and exciting process. In addition to the above, music is also created. For this, we collaborate with several sound studios from Rijeka’s area. We also work with many speakers and journalists to read OFs in any of the world’s major languages.

In postproduction, we work with extremely strong and high-quality software.
So, for film editing we use DaVinci Resolve, which is “Standard for high and postproduction in Hollywood movie studios”. And for fast “News” production, we use Grassvalley Edius system, which is one of the two strongest “Broadcast News” world standards, for this type of video editing.


When the whole production process is over, it’s time for the effort and work of many people involved in making it, to see the “light of day”. In order for that to happen, we prepare and distribute the material. We prepare a completed film or video, according to all sound and video standards prescribed by the International Broadcasting Union.
We can deliver it from YouTube, implement it on websites, deliver it to television companies on the media they prefer, all the way to DCP packages, intended for cinema screening.

For those who want extra: We encode in: MPEG-2, H264 / AVC, H265 / HEVC, AVID-NDxHR, Apple ProRes and DCP JPEG2000 as well as other video encoding variants.

Video production

In our modern world, there are many things like increasing Internet speed, switching from physical to digital record format. From film, through videotapes to file-based media and the availability of cloud-based video services… They have increased the use of the Internet for distribution and the use of commercial video content.

This has reduced the cost of producing and distributing content, as well as increased time savings.

Many of today’s websites include videos. Also, people, most easily, “absorb information available through video. Today, video content is used in a growing range of contexts, including testimonial videos, web presenter videos, professional help videos, interviews, product demonstrations, training videos, thank-you videos, all the way to video apologies.

Most videos, through internet marketing, serve the purpose of interacting with the audience. The two main types of videos through internet marketing are: transactional videos, which aim to sell a product to a customer; and reference videos, which are designed to keep a customer on a website.
Inquire about all the above methods of video production via our contacts.