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Although you have probably heard, many times, the phrase “images that come to life” etc, we are the first in Croatia (we believe that we are no longer the only ones) who offer you the opportunity to have a “live” photo album.

What is it all about?

If you decide to work with us, in your wedding album or wedding book, we can, if you want, place QR codes in several places, where they will be reminders of your unforgettable moments. Usually, we set these codes (actually digital links) at the wedding act, video session and dinner. By agreement, they can be set differently.

When you are browsing through a photo album or a wedding book and you want to remind yourself how it really was in the moment that photo was taken, you simply take your mobile phone, read the QR code and a video lasting a few minutes will be displayed on the screen of your device . It will very accurately remind you what that moment of your wedding looked like.

In order to bring you as close as possible and explain better how the technology works, you have an example on this page.

This is a usual page of a wedding album.

This Code will be in the corner of the wedding album or a wedding book page. ​Take your cell phone and scan it.

All mobile phones, not older than 2 years, have a QR code recognition system built into the camera app. If your phone is a bit older, download the application from one of the “stores” whose link you will find bellow.

How it’s work?


Take your Smartphone and scan the QR code on your computer or from one mobile phone to another and a reminder of Gordana and Ivan’s gala dinner, held in 2019, will come to life in an instant.

For all newlyweds who take a package of photography and video recording with us, this service is completely free.

If your Smartphone does not recognize the QR code via the camera application, you can download one of the applications intended for that purpose.