From the very beginning of Art film, we are closely connected with music video production; making music videos and recording concerts.

Nowadays, with all good music, a good video is needed. Social networks simply absorb music videos. In cooperation with performers, as well as wishes and possibilities, we make videos according to all standards from YouTube to MTV.
Also, if you are organizing a concert to remember, don’t forget to mark it permanently, so that it really stays forever remembered and available to you and your fans at all times.



Check out some of our videos we’ve done over the past few years.


Art Film was founded in 2006 by longtime television professionals. For many years, we have been filming various music videos as well as short films for the needs of many marketing agencies, musicians and television companies. In the past 14 years, we have recorded a number of music videos and various concerts for many singers of the Primorsko-Goranska and Istria counties. We perform production and postproduction with top professional equipment. We use advanced software and technology in post-image processing. We do all videos in Full HD, and lately, more and more often, in 4K image resolution. We also have image stabilizers, and if necessary, we order a video crane with a length of up to 12 meters. An additional benefit is the possibility of distributing music videos through our servers directly to TV companies and your distributors.



You wrote a song, hired a music studio, and sent it to radio stations? What is the next step?
It would be advisable to visualize that song, and leave one like that to live on social media!
If you decide to take that step – Art film is the right place for it.
Art film has been filming music videos for various domestic performers since 2006.
So far, about 40 music videos have been recorded for our regional and national singers and groups.
For production, we use professional Sony equipment, and for postproduction we use a generally accepted standard, especially in this branch of the video industry, DaVinci Resolve software for high quality image and sound production. All music videos have been prepared for distribution to TV companies in HD picture quality, recently in 4K resolution. Also, the videos have been cut for distribution on all social networks.


Art film has, so far, recorded several concerts for TV broadcasting, as well as for releasing DVDs with a concert recording. We record concerts with two to five cameras, which we subsequently synchronize and edit, which is a slightly longer and more demanding work than “mixing” live, an event on the spot; but the end result is much better. For more information about the concerts feel free to contact us.






In cooperation with Istrian Credit Bank and TV CHANNEL KANAL RI, we produce the music show “IKB Ča Skalica”. The show airs on Channel Ri every Tuesday from 9pm, with several reruns throughout the week. So far, over 400 shows have been broadcasted, hosted by journalists and musicians; Nikola Peršić from the group Koktels and the current host Neven Barac, independent singer-songwriter. So far, the show IKB Ča Skalica has hosted over a thousand musicians from the Littoral and Istria. According to all available indicators, the show has a large audience, especially in the Rijeka ring, Istria County and partly in the Lika-Senj County. Proof of this are the large number of votes that come to us every week and the highly visited website of the show, which you can see by CLICKING HERE.